Violin Lessons, Clevedon

DBS checked teacher available for adults and children; enjoy learning to play the violin in a fun and relaxed way.

Although I’m very particular about excellent tone, perfect intonation and good technique, I know that students do best when they’re free to pursue the music and playing style that really inspires them.

For that reason I encourage students to listen to a variety of music and suggest pieces that they really want to learn. We’ll then work together to produce a sound that inspires. Learning an instrument isn’t just an exercise in technical expertise, it’s a creative process of expression which has different meaning for each player.

My job is to impart the technical knowledge, and to inspire and encourage creativity. Learn to play the music that you love, and I’ll teach you how to get a beautiful sound on this amazing instrument whether that’s playing classical, bluegrass, folk, jazz, country or improvisation. We can work with music or learn by ear, whichever you feel drawn to.


£20 for 30 minutes
£29 for 45 minutes
£38 per hour.